Book Review: The Healing Power of the Roots


The Healing Power of the Roots contains YAH’s critical message for the Church to reconnect to its Jewish and Biblical roots as a matter of life and death.  Since 325 AD, sun worshiper Emperor Constantine established Christianity as the official religion of the Byzantine Empire based on paganism and institutionalized Replacement Theology (RT), anti-Semitism, and completely divorced the Church from its Hebrew Torah foundations taught by Yeshua HaMasiach.  That divorce was a repeat of the sin of Jeroboam, King of Israel, who for self-preservation led the ten northern tribes of Israel into great idolatry by substituting YAH’s appointed feasts, temple worship and priesthood by his man-made religion and order.  For this YAH completely cut them off, destroyed their identity and scattered them throughout the nations.  Replacement Theology has caused many to become arrogant towards the Jewish people.  YAH however says He will have compassion on His people and Ephraim will be saved as the fullness of the nations or gentiles.  We must humble ourselves because for our sakes, some branches have been broken off so that we might be grafted in to the Olive Tree Israel, to be fed by the roots and partake in the promises of YAH.  YAH is calling the Church to a place of humility and deep repentance so He can cleanse us.  Repent of RT and go back to the roots, to love the Jewish people and obey the Torah in our response to our love of the Jewish Messiah.  And when Israel is restored, we are grafted into the commonwealth of Israel.  Healing and restoration will take place as we see the great third millennium (or 3rd Day) revival and reformation like never before.

The Healing Power of the Roots

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The Healing Power of the Roots is available in ten (10) languages – Latvian, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Nederlands, Norsk, Portugues, Russkij Jazyk, and Suomi.

We are at the threshold of the third day, the Third Millennium and going back to the original Apostolic, Biblical, Hebrew Foundations of the Faith is a matter of LIFE and DEATH and the End time KEY for worldwide REVIVAL!I’ve been a Lutheran Christian all my life.  I’ve never felt such liberation and peace as I study The Healing Power of the Roots and humble myself to re-learn many things I’ve learnt that are un-Biblical man-made doctrines.

In this book, modern-day Jewish Apostle Bishop Dr Dominiquae Bierman teaches the foundation of what take you post-Pentcoastal and post-Charismatic into Yahveh’s greatest move in this millennia.  Every chapter has prayers that you will pray.

You will be SET FREE to enter into the Third Day Revival and MAP (Messianic Apostolic Prophetic) Movement all the way from Jerusalem!

Key Points

The institutionalized Replacement Theology, anti-Semitism and the complete divorce from the Jewish/Biblical roots of faith since the 4th Century has caused the Church into great sin of (a)  forgetting YAH’s commandments and making the Hebrew Holy Scriptures obsolete; and (b)  the rejection, hatred and the unimaginable great persecutions of the Jews people, in the name of Jesus Christ and blaming them for many of our problems.

Apostle Paul, a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin, admonishes us in Romans 11 that we should not be arrogant but fear YAH.  We Gentiles are branches of the wild olive tree grafted into the cultivated olive tree (Israel), whose branches were broken off that we might be grafted in and receive compassion.  YAH’s heart is aching for His children (the natural branches) who have been estranged from Him.  The Jewish children are bitter because they feel YAH has abandoned them.  It is difficult to believe in His goodness after so many atrocities they’ve been through in the name of Christianity.

The Healing Power of the Roots is a call for Christians to lay down their lives for the Jewish people who gave us the Bible and the Messiah.  We can only draw them to their Messiah when we return to the roots of our faith, to the love of Israel and the Torah as we renounce Replacement Theology.

As YAH revealed to Dominiquae Bierman, the Church is like a beautiful rose that has been in the vase for two days (2 millenia) surviving in the water by YAH’s grace.  But on the third day (3rd millennia) it will die unless it is planted and reconnected back to its roots.  It is matter of life and death as Paul says in Romans 11.

The sin of Constantine divorcing the Church from its Jewish roots and the Hebrew Holy Scriptures is the sin of Jeroboam in the Church.  The consequence of Jeroboam’s divorce (1 Kings 12:25-33) was separation from YAH and Jerusalem temple worship, disconnect from his brothers (Judah, Levi & Benjamin), disconnect from the Covenant, expelled and separated from the land of Israel and scattered throughout the earth, lost their inheritance and identity and faced rejection, which resulted in bitterness and jealousy.

The Council of Nicaea repeated the same sin in 4th Century by declaring nothing to do with the Jews and officially divorcing and separating the Church from the Torah, the feasts of Adonai and what Yeshua the Jewish Messiah has taught.  Constantine changed the Biblical times and seasons, and incorporated pagan feasts and changed the Shabbat to Sun Day worship.  He also set himself to be the head of the State Church and made a peace treaty not to persecute believers if they obeyed his religion, thus a compromise was reached.  This divorce is still affecting Christianity today.  The fruits of institutionalize Christianity has been murder, hatred and massacres.  The Church has born children of disobedience, ignorance, lawlessness, paganism and idol worshippers.

YAH rejected Ephraim (or the Northern Kingdom of Israel) because of the sin of Jeroboam and completely cut them off His Covenant and never to be forgiven.  But through Prophet Hosea (2:23) YAH says He has sown Ephraim in the earth and will have mercy on her, and will say to those who were not His people “you are My people”.  Ephraim has mixed with the nations and become uncircumcised Gentiles and YAH will have compassion over her.

Ruhamah means the one who has received compassion.  The Church today is Ruhamah.  YAH’s call is more urgent now upon the Church to show compassion to the Jewish people (Israel).  Ephraim has been deeply wounded and rejected and this rejection, bitterness and jealousy has been carried as seed scattered in all the nations.  This is evident in the persecution of Christians against Jews and anti-Semitism.  Only repentance from anti-Semitism reconnection with our Roots will heal the wound.  Ephraim will be brought in as the fullness of the Gentiles, as Ruhamah, as the one who has received compassion.

Jealousy against the Jewish people is another deeply rooted sin that the Church needs to repent of.  The Nazi Holocaust, Spanish Inquisitions and all the bitter atrocities against the Jews emanates from rejection of Ephraim, the jealousies and bitterness.  Since Ephraim became the fullness of the Gentiles, this jealousy has affected many Christians.

YAH is now ingathering the scattered Jewish back to their homeland Israel and Ephraim will also be gathered back to his Roots as the fullness of the Gentiles so there will no longer be jealousy.

The Church is now called to have compassion on the Jewish people just as Yeshua had compassion on humanity.  YAH commands us to comfort His people (Isaiah:1-2).  We are to travail for Israel to come forth and become Ruhamah, the one who has received compassion, just as the Church is now Ruhamah.  They will be one bride before YAH, one nation, one people, with one God.

And as we become grafted in, reconnected to the commonwealth of Israel, our Mother that she may feed us and we’ll be satisfied with the consolation of her bosom, that we may drink deeply and be delighted with the abundance of her glory (Isaiah 66:11).  We will part take with Israel in YAH’s Covenant and promises.  The Ruach HaKodesh will put His Law within us and write it on our hearts (Jeremiah 31:31-33).  We shall be part taker of the rich root of the Cultivated Olive tree.

Practical Applications

I.  For Our Sake

Branches were broken off that I might be grafted in [Romans 11:19]

Replacement Theology has caused Christians to be proud and arrogant, saying the Church has replaced Israel, the Law is done away with and the Torah an allegory and obsolete.  Romans 11 is a powerful chapter that I pray may the Holy Spirit help us to tell our Christian brother and sisters to be humble.  YAH can break us off anytime so the window of opportunity is now to reconnect with the Roots, love and embrace the Roots.  It is time for deep repentance.

II.  Ruhamah – The One Who Received Compassion

Compassion is the heart of YAH.  Adonai had compassion upon us so gave us His only begotten Son.  Yeshua performed miracles because He was moved by compassion.  We the Ruhamah now because we received compassion to be grafted in.  A practical application of our compassion is to repent of RT, anti-Semitism and ask the Holy Spirit to expose sins we committed against His people the Jews and repent.  And become a Watchman on the Wall to pray for the restoration of Israel and pray for the fullness of the Gentiles (Ephraim) to be reconnected to the Roots.

III.      The Torah

The Torah is YAH’s Instructions in Righteousness.  It is YAH’s Constitution given to man.  It is a Covenant.  The first one was written on the tables to stone by the finger of YAH.  The New Covenant YAH will make with the House of Judah and the House of Israel, He will put His Law in their inward parts and write it in their hearts.  The Holy Spirit interprets and writes the Torah in our hearts.  The Torah is not abolished.  We walk by the Spirit and in obedience to the Torah.  Our ways and conduct will be a testimony that others can read.  It is proof that we obey YAH’s commandments out of love and not legalistic.  A practical application will be to observe YAH’s Shabbat and His Biblical feasting as He commanded.


I originally come from a Lutheran background.  Learning more about what Martin Luther did that Hitler used to carry out the Nazi Holocaust sickens me to the core.  I will make it my business to lead my family to repent from the massacres of the Jewish people out of jealousy by the founder of the Church that they are a part of.  My perceptions have now been completely changed and I thank Adonai for Bishop Dominiquae writing this book.

Reading The Healing Power of the Roots has opened my heart wider to love and embrace the Jewish people and travail for them for both their physical and spiritual aliyah.  I also learn that the sin of Jeroboam and Constantine of replacing YAH’s Torah is a very serious sin that can completely cut us off the mercy and grace of YAH.  I thank Adonai for His mercy in grafting us into the Cultivated Olive Tree.  Amen!

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