Book Review: Grafted In – It’s Time to Return to Greatness

It’s time for the greatest restoration of all times: The Jewish People back to their Messiah and the Christians back to the original Gospel which was preached by Jewish Apostles.

For Almost 2000 years the world has been waiting for this great restoration, the angels are watching, the demons are trembling. This is a wonderful practical manual that should be kept next to your Bible! It teaches you how to celebrate all the Holy Feasts and how to study the Torah and the Commandments and apply them in order to enjoy abundant life in obedience to God and without any legalism. This book is a must for every believer, it is a tremendous eye opener!

Grafted In - It's time to return to greatness

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The message of “Grafted In” is the true Gospel of the Kingdom for humanity, for both Jew and Gentile, as preached by the Jewish Apostles in the First Century.  In the 4th Century, Roman Emperor Constantine committed a great treason and divorced the Church from its Hebrew Roots of faith.  This institutionalized sin has caused so much atrocities to the Jewish people and believers, brought curses upon the Church and is still propagated today through the wrong gospel of Replacement Theology (RT).  Anti-messiah or un-anointed RT has rejected YAH’s righteous laws, His Jewish people and Yeshua’s teachings.  RT does not teach the truth of what it means to be “grafted in” (Romans 11), and has essentially cut Christianity off the Way of the Blessing (Genesis 12:3) as Elohim our Creator has purposed.

Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah and the Bible and its promises are for the Jewish people first and then through them the world is blessed (Abrahamic Covenant).  The unchangeable order is that Elohim has chosen the Jewish people to reveal Himself to the world.  Yeshua has fulfilled YAH’s salvation and redemption requirement of Temple and blood sacrifice so those who are “grafted in” through faith in Y’shua HaMasiach can be partakers of the Covenant.  Grafting in is a matter of life and death.

According to Romans 11, Gentiles are branches of the wild olive tree.  We are broken off from the wild and “grafted in” to the Cultivated Olive Tree, the commonwealth of Israel.  Israel is not just a country, it is a faith representing the institution called the Torah, and a chosen people, a royal priesthood chosen to teach us the ways of YAH and be our Mother – giving us the Messiah, the Instructions in Righteousness and connecting us with the Blessings.

We become partaker of the Rich Root of the Jewish Olive Tree.  We join them (not replace them) and become one with them.  The Rich Roots of the Cultivated Olive Tree is the Torah – YAH’s instructions in righteousness, YAH’s Laws, as interpreted by the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Holiness, to be written in all our hearts.

The lie and false gospel that Christianity has replaced Israel is the devil’s greatest tool holding captive 2.4 billon Christians in the world today.  RT is a compromised destructive gospel based on pagan Roman culture.  Replacement Theology is the anti-Messiah or antichrist, or anti-anointed.  RT rejected the grafting in and de-grafted Christianity from the Jewish Olive Tree.  Institutionalized RT anti-Messiah fake gospel is now the largest religion in the world comprising of 32% of the world’s 7.3 billion population.

The anti-Messiah’s institutional de-grafting from the Cultivated Olive Tree has resulted in the following:

  1. Alterations and rejections of YAH’s appointed Moadim, seasons and Laws;
  2. Evangelizing the world (instead of discipleship) with the wrong anti-Messiah gospel of Replacement Theology;
  3. Changed YAH’s Shabbat to pagan sun day worship;
  4. A fake ‘grace’ gospel that lies to humanity that YAH’s Holy Commandments are obsolete because we are no longer under Law but under grace;
  5. RT obstructing the knowledge of the glory of YAH to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea;
  6. RT gave the license to disregard and break YAH’s commandments;
  7. RT institutionalized anti-Semitism, anti-Torah and hatred towards the Jewish people, and Hebrew roots of the faith; and
  8. RT falsely teaches a “New Covenant” with the exclusion of Judah and Israel, thereby starving the Church of anointing, revival and restoration.

The result of not being “grafted in” is we are cut off from the nourishment and blessings of the Rich Root.  There is so much lawlessness in the world as RT has given excuse for people to disregard YAH’s righteous instructions.  We live an un-anointed life of defeat.  YAH wants us to live a life of greatness and success, of holiness and purity.  To be grafted in is therefore a matter of life and death.  We need to be “grafted in” to see the great reformation and revival of the 21st Century (or Third Day).

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Key Points

(1)     The Importance of Grafting

The principles of grafting states that in order for the branches of another tree (scion) to be grafted into a tree (root stock), the root stock must be wounded for the scion to be introduced into the open.  The grafted branch (scion) then loses all its identity (leaves and fruit) and becomes bare naked because the former leaves and fruits are incompatible with the root stock (the Cultivated Olive Tree).  As the graft wild olive branch remains with the root stock, it is fed and nourished by the rich root of the Cultivated Olive Tree.  There is tissue regeneration in the scion as it is revived and bears leaves, fruit and everything like that of the Cultivated Tree root stock.  No difference between the grafted and original branches as the “grafted in” branch becomes one with the root stock Cultivated Olive Tree.

We must be grafted into the Jewish Biblical Culture (and reject the Roman pagan culture).  Our new identify and entire lifestyle must reflect that of the Cultivated Tree. Grafting into Jewish Biblical Culture as in Holy Scriptures (not Jewish Religion).  Return to the original Hebrew Holy Scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit to write His Law and Instructions in your heart.  This is what being grafted in means.  It is not being grafted into another religious system.

Our Manual, Compass and Road Map is the Hebrew Holy Scriptures.  Our Guide is the Ruach HaKodesh.  And through Yeshua HaMasiah the Jewish Messiah, we are grafted into the Cultivated Olive Tree, and we can bear much beautiful fruit as we are nourished by the fat of the Roots.

When the Gentiles are grafted in, they will fulfill their call to make the Jews who are not rooted in the Roots to be jealous and bring them back to their Messiah.  The End Time Grafted in Church will be an agent of healing to the Jewish people for all the terrible wounds and suffering inflicted upon them in the name of Jesus Christ.

YAH is also raising up redeemed Apostolic and Prophetic Jews for this End Time Transformation that will help the Church to become grafted in as she was 2000 years ago.  Then the nations, together with the Jews, will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth.  Then all the godly within nations will sprout up to bear fruit for YAH whilst the ungodly will be pruned off by the Ruach HaKodesh.  We’ll be grafted into Israel and into the Biblical lifestyle fashioned by the Manual (the Bible) from the Beginning of time. The unity is not Jews joining Christians in a Christian-made Christmas Tree but the Gentiles joining Jews in the Olive Tree, Israel’s Tree.

This is the Key that will turn the Church, cause Israel to be jealous to have Messiah back and will cause salvation to all the nations.  It will reverse what Constantine did and institutionalized RT, anti-Semitism and completely divorced the Church from its Hebrew Biblical Roots and culture.  Constantine rejected the in-grafting, making the Church remain as wild olive branches.  He incorporated all the pagan things into the Christianity.  All the nations and Church are now defiled and polluted with Babylonian pagan worship and traditions.

When we are truly grafted in, all nations would live by the righteous instructions of YAH as written by the Ruach HaKodesh in our hearts.  We will honor the Shabbat.  The Torah, 10 Commandments the Institution of YAH will be upon nations.  There will be order on the earth.

Many nations shall come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of Adonai, to the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, and we shall walk in His paths”.  For out of Zion the Law shall go forth, and the Word of YAH from Jerusalem”.  [Micah 2:4]

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(2)     The Anti-Messiah or Antichrist Exposed

As prophesied by Daniel (chapter 7:23-25), the fourth beast – the fourth kingdom that affects the whole earth is the kingdom of Rome.  The three kingdoms before it were:  Babylon, Persia and Greece.  Although the Roman empire was defeated, yet its effects are still felt this day through the Church.

Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) was a type of antichrist.  He altered the laws and the seasons of The Most High when he divorced the Church from the Jews and Biblical Jewish Roots and the Holy Feasts through the Council of Nicaea.

He made a truce with the believers in Messiah and promised them peace and safety (no persecution) if they were willing to reject the grafting into the Hebrew Olive Tree (and become Gentile/Pagan again) and submit to him as the Head of the State Church.  He was the first Pope.  Gentile portion of Church compromise and grafted into Roman culture.  Many Jewish believers lost their lives defending the Holy Scriptures.

By 325 AD “de-grafting’ was formalized and Replacement Theology institutionalized.  All traces of Judaism removed.  Names of Yeshua changed officially, and all the names of YAH changed.  Pagan deity zeus – derivative Jesus institutionalized.  Yeshua’s Name is Holy, Unchangable and Immutable.  Cannot be compared with any idol.  This Roman Christianity changed name of the Father YHVH to Jehovah!

YAHVEH in Hebrew is comprised of two words – YAH:  the eternal Name of God Most High; and HVEH which means present or continually Being.  YAHVEH – I AM that IS AND WAS AND IS TO COME!

Replacement Theology is the spirit of anti-messiah!  RT is the very spirit of the anti-Christ that the Scriptures warn us about (1 John 4:1-3).  The humanity of Yeshua is centrally core to be able to discern between Holy Doctrine and antichrist doctrine.  Necessary that we know Him as a man, and not only as God.  Yeshua’s humanity is important. Amen Beloved, So True

His humanity as a Jew.  The Gospels detail His Jewish lineage.  Revelation talks about Yeshua being a Jew is the KEY for His ability to be able to open the Book of Judgement and its seals.  (Revelation 5:4-5).  He is a Jew.  The Lion from the tribe of Judah.  The Root of David.  He is the One who overcame.  The Son of God came in the flesh as a Jew to sit on the throne of Israel and through Israel rule all humanity.  He is King of the Jews.  Anyone that removes His Judaism from His is functioning under the spirit of anti-Messiah. That is what Constantine did with the Gentile Church fathers in the 4th Century.

Constantine removed all traces of Judaism from the Messiah, His Holy Name, from the Name of His Father, from the church and from all its traditions and celebrations.  They replaced them with RT.  Everything Jewish for Roman and Babylonian.  Until this day, the church is polluted with anti-Messiah in its doctrines and disconnected from the Olive Tree.  Anti-Messiah means anti-anointed.

Yeshua’s Name is very important and related to our ability to receive salvation.  Only true original Hebrew Name – Yahshua – Yah is our Salvation.  Jesus is not translation of Yahshua (God our Salvation).  Jesus means God is like zeus, the highest god in the Greco Roman religious system and another form of calling Baal.  Name change done on purpose to remove any traces of Hebrew or Jewish.

Abba in His mercy has answered the prayers of many in Jesus Name.  In these end time He is requiring from us repentance from all ignorance and to restore His rightful Name Yahshua.  Jewish people have been persecuted in the Name of Jesus Christ.  The Name Jesus Christ is connected with horrible massacres and bloodshed and it is NOT the Messiah’s Name.

(3)     Altering the Seasons and the Law

Anti-messiah Constantine voided the Messiah from His Judaism and he established RT to Replace the Holy Gospel of the Kingdom.  His antichrist is demonstrated by how he changed the times and seasons established by the Creator from the beginning of times.

Creational Law Genesis 1:14 – Creator already separated times and seasons in creation.  Moadim – Hebrew word used for seasons.  Moadim means Testimonials.  Times when Creator gives Testimony of Himself.  Times when YAH of the Universe shows us and demonstrates who He is.  Therefore, satan through the spirit of anti-Messiah changed the times.  So that people will not wait upon Him and seeking Him at the times He appointed to Show Up!

Moadim – His appointed feasts, appointed times.  His testimonials.  Shabbat and all the appointed feasts.  Satan operates through the anti-Messiah spirit and anti-Messiah religious system.  The altered the times and exchanged the original Moadim for pagan Roman-Babylonian festivals, it gave satan the right to seat on the Throne of YAH in the Temple of YAH on Earth, which is the Church.

Satan deceived Adam in Even and sat on the throne but Yeshua came and took his power and stolen throne away from him.  He did it again, this time through RT.  Later he used this power through the divorced church to persecute the Jews and everything Jewish.  It is not only the Catholic Church.  Satan has been using RT to rule inside of every denomination of Christianity.

Altering the times is of the spirit of antichrist – so every Christian church who celebrates the altered times such as Sunday, Christmas, Easter and Good Friday are actually engaging in the spirit of anti-Messiah.

That is why revival dies.  The spirit of anti-Messiah (anti-anointed) kills them every time that believers are about to reconnect back with the Cultivated Olive Tree.  Great warfare and strife come in and kills revivals.  Sunday is no substitution for YAH’s holy Shabbat instituted in Creation.

The solution for the Church now is Repentance.  Get rid of all Roman and pagan feasts and influences and return to the Holy Seasons to the Holy Moadim of the ancient Cultivated Olive Tree.  YAH is Good.  His Mercies endures forever.  His Laws and Moadim are just and good.  The cultivated Olive Tree is Good.

(4)     The Gospel of the Kingdom

This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.  [Mathew 24:3-14]

Even before Constantine’s rulership, there was already great persecution against believers.  Many were killed and fed to the lions because of their faith.  Constantine’s institutionalization of state Church Christianity outlawed everything Jews and established a mixture of paganism.  Those Messianic Jews who wanted to keep the original Gospel of the Kingdom was expelled out of the Church as heretics or even killed and betrayed by their own Christian brethren.  There arose another persecution between Gentile Christians and Messianic Jews who refused to compromise with Constantine.  The only peace treaty was acceptance of Constantine’s Christian system.

So instead of the Gospel of the Kingdom preached, there was paganism, anti-Messiah, false prophets and replacement theologians.  The Torah and Hebrew Holy Scriptures were declared obsolete and renamed “Old Testament”.  There was increased lawlessness and sin, apostasy, the flame of love extinguished and the ambers grew cold as the Church plunged into the Dark Ages.

For 1700 years, the Church continues to harvest the bitter fruits of seeds sown.  Lawlessness, anti-anointing and a life of spiritual poverty and curses from feeding from the wrong gospel.  The gospel mixed with Replacement Theology is NOT true gospel.  A gospel that does not preach holiness and repentance is not a true gospel.

The Good News is about a Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.  That kingdom comes with power and it also has laws.  A gospel that says the law is done away with is not a true gospel – it is heresy.

Yeshua wants us to return to the same original Gospel He peached and so as His Jewish Apostles 2000 years ago.  That Gospel had Jewish foundations.  The Father wants us to know Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah.  He wants us to rise up and rescue the Church from the deceptive fake gospel of Replacement Theology.  The word Christian doesn’t mean a disciple, it means a religious persuasion.

The Gospel of the Kingdom does not make Christians, but on-fire holy disciples, empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit, walking in greatness and in the Glory of YHVH.  The Gospel of the Kingdom tolerates no mixture and no deception.  When the true Gospel is preached sin is not tolerated.

Paul walked uncompromised and preached YAH’s Kingdom gospel.  He walked in obedience to the Torah.  He honored the laws of YAH, and the Holy Spirit wrote them in his heart.

It is time to go back to the true gospel of the Kingdom, accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles.  This gospel will be preached again by a Holy Church that is TOTALLY GRAFTED IN.

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(5)     Keeping the Shabbat Holy

The weekly Shabbat is the foundation of all of YAH’s Moadim.  It is a Creational Law as well as the Fourth Commandment inscribed on the tables of stone by the Finger of YAH Himself.  The Shabbat, which starts at Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, is YAH’s own appointed time with mankind and creation, where He demonstrates Himself and “shows us”.  It is a time we cease from all work and rest in the Presence of YAH so He can renew and sanctify us through the Shabbat.

By removing the Shabbat, satan ensured the people will not wait upon YAH and seek Him at the times He appointed to show up.  The Church has lost a lot of power, revelation and anointing.

The Shabbat is [Exodus 31:16-17]:

“..a perpetual covenant…a sign between YAH and the children of Israel forever…on the 7th day YAH ceased from labor and was refreshed…to observe and celebrate the Shabbat throughout their generations”.

The mark of the anti-Messiah is alterations of the times.  The mark of Messianic or Anointed Church is the restoration of YAH’s Shabbat, the times/seasons and the Testimonials (Moadim) of YAH.  They begin with the foundational Weekly Shabbat.  Shabbat is No. 1 Testimonial or Holy Convocation.

Being truly grafted in means we keep YAH’s Holy Shabbat:

  • Shabbat is not a Jewish tradition. It is the fourth commandment;
  • Shabbat is a creational commandment, pre-existed Mt Sinai;
  • Grafted-in gentiles are required to honor YAH’s law including the Shabbat;
  • The Shabbat will be celebrated and honored for all eternity by all nations;
  • There is no scripture that says God changed Shabbat to Sunday;
  • Sunday worship was instituted by Constantine (Council of Niceae) 4th Century AD because he was a sun worshipper till his death.

Restoring the Shabbat [Isaiah 58:13-14; Mathew 5:17] is the mark of being grafted in.  Yeshua kept the Shabbat.  Paul and Apostles also kept the Shabbat and honored YAH, kept the Torah.  Restore Shabbat without legalism but by walking in the Spirit.

(6)     Grace and Law

Yeshua is the Character of God (the Way), the Law of God (the Truth) and the power of God (the life).  Can’t go to the Father unless through ALL of Him.

  • The Character of YAH
  • The Law of YAH
  • The Power of YAH

The Law is written in the heart by the Ruach HaKodesh.  We do not have to choose between Grace and Law – we need them both!

We need mercy (chesed), we need the truth (emet) – we need the way the truth and the life.  We need the Word and the Spirit.  We can’t do anything without His power the Holy Spirit.  His Spirit works with His Word, Laws and Commandments and writes His Ways and Laws in our heart.

Law is not done away with.  It only changes location from the tablets of stone to being written on human hearts by the Holy Spirit.  Yeshua is the Torah, the Word made flesh.  Mercy and truth have met in Yeshua.  His grace transported us from kingdom of darkness, sin and rebellion to the kingdom of light.  Our hearts become writing pad of the Holy Spirit who is the finger of God.

It is a matter of life and death to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  He is our Torah teacher.  Our Rabbi.  We must reject the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – that is fruit of RT, Babylonian Christianity.  Too much confusion, complication and fakeness in the Church by the Babylonian spirit.

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(7)     The Knowledge of the Glory

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Yahveh, as the waters cover the sea” [Habakkuk 2:14]

How can that happen when diseases are sweeping the countries of the earth, wars, poverty, sicknesses, natural and man-made disasters, environmental degradation, immorality, idolatry, terrorism, violence, bloodshed, suffering and the knowledge of darkness and satan is prevailing?

The Great Commission in Mathew 28:18-19 is the KEY to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of YAH.

  • Using the authority given by Yehsua to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, etc (Mark 16:16);
  • To make disciples of all nations by teaching them God’s ways; and
  • Teaching them to obey God’s Commandments.

Church cannot teach YAH’s Commandments because she is not honoring them and instead preaching that the law is done away with.  Teach people of obey YAH’s Commandments!  Every time Israel kept/honor YAH’s commandments, they prospered and were great.  When they disobeyed, they were given into the hands of their enemies.

Fruit of false teaching is sin and lukewarm-ness because of the deceptive spirit of RT.  Every time we renounce RT, it allows for the Law to be written in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, deliverance, peace, healing and shalom.  In due time, lives completely restored.

RT is the main obstruction to the knowledge of the glory of YHVH.  Once it is out of our lives, teachings, doctrines and churches, we will be able to advance the Kingdom of God on earth faster.

When the Knowledge of the glory comes into our hearts and Ruach HaKodesh writes the Torah, we glow – transformation, peace, joy, purity.  Restoration takes place.  It is like finding gold – gold refined in the fire of His Presence.  Gold dust on our faces, clothes…Glory or kavod of YAH [Revelation 3:18-19].

False RT has given license to disrespect, disregard and break YAH’s commandments under the guise of “grace”.  [Romans 6:1-6].

Just like Adam, the church was thrown out of the glorious presence 325 AD – cut off from Presence of Glory and the knowledge of the glory of YAH.  She was cast into the Dark Ages and began to sin more and more until she became the most evil murderer and killed the Mother that gave her birth – the Jews, the people of Israel.

Every time we sin, death comes into our lives – death comes into your spirit, your soul (depression) your body (sickness) your finances (debts/lack) and your family (strife, divorce, problem children).  I John1:9 works.  However, the seeds of death sown are still in the ground and will be bearing fruit.  Repentance, Forgiveness and Obedience are key.  We mush actively sow obedience in our life, sowing in the Spirit and we will reap.

The spirit of Constantine and RT has filled the earth with the knowledge of Babylonian and pagan feasts and with hatred towards the Torah and the Jewish people.  Horrible sowing that is affecting all nations.  The true Gospel made in Zion must be preached, YAHs Commandments must be taught and the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of YAH.  We must sow now – fast!

(8)     Torah Made Simple (Laws, Statutes, Precepts)

 “Behold the days are coming, declares Yahveh, when I will make a New Covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah…But this is the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days”, declares Yahveh.  I will put My Law within them and on their heart, I will write it; and I will be their Elohim and they will be My people” .  [Jeremiah 31: 31-33]

There is no New Covenant without Judah and Israel.  The New or Renewed Covenant is promised to them only.  Through Israel, Gentiles come in through the grafting process in Yeshua HaMasiach.

A true New Covenant Believer – have the Law written in his heart.  Law is found in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures.  YAH writes it with the pen of the Holy Spirit, who is the finger of God.  Holy Spirit – God’s Presence – the Anointing, YAH Himself.

YAH taught Abraham His laws, just as He did to Adam.  Later the Tablets of Stone was given on Sinai.  They are Eternal Law.

  1. Mitsvot = Commandments
  2. Hukim = Statutes
  3. Torah = Laws or Precepts

YAH’s Instruction is Righteousness = TORAH as a general term.

Torah has been given to the people of Israel by YAH in order to demonstrate His ways to the world.  Torah is not only for Israel/Jewish people but for them to share with the entire world and bring the world into the way of the Blessing.  Torah is loving and caring and given to:

  • Show us the way of holiness for He is Holy
  • Teach us the ways of the Kingdom of YAH because after the fall man lost those ways
  • To instruct us on how to stay healthy and blessed in the body, soul and spirit

Given to help us live life on earth full of holiness, purity, blessing, fruitfulness and satisfaction.  YAH of Israel is a God of plenty, of abundance, of greatness and He is a Lover.  He is LOVE Himself.  He wants us to stay connected to Him.

Mitsvot – Ten Commandments , Heavenly Constitution.  Given to Moshe on Mt Sinai.  Written by the Finger of YAH Himself.  All other laws given thereafter were written by the hand of Moshe as he heard from YAH.  No One has the right to change what YAH wrote with His Finger (the Mitsvot).  When we break one of YAH’s Mitsvot (Top 10), it causes curse to come upon us and our children.  Obedience brings blessings.  Sometimes we are living in the blessings of our forefathers who obeyed YAH.

The Ten Commandments are eternal, unchangeable, and immutable, the foundation of life in the Kingdom of God.  Constitution of heaven and the purpose of heaven is to bring this Constitution down here to earth so that ALL nations may institute it and become SHEEP NATIONS.  Yeshua expanded on some of these commandments as recorded in the Gospels.  He warned the people about breaking them.

Hukim – The Statutes  the second group among YAH’s laws.  Not written directly by the finger of YAH but they were given directly by YAH to Moshe (note that Abraham knew the statutes as well).  The statutes are all that law that instruct:

  1. How to worship the El Shaddai
  2. How to differentiate between the holy and the profane

Laws connected with sacrifices, tithes, offerings, temple worship, social laws about orphans and widows, the dietary laws of clean and unclean animals, laws that forbid mixture, the laws of blood and laws about morality.  Connected with separation between holy and profane and holy worship.  Found in Leviticus.

The PRINCIPLE of the statutes is as eternal as the commandments but their specific application may change with the times.  But they are PERPETUAL statutes – both principle and application are eternal (Leviticus 3:17).  Same level of importance as the Commandments.

Many statutes connected with sacrifices and temple worship – finished work of Y’shua on the cross.  Principle of these statutes are eternal, some applications have changed.  Y’shua completed the payment to bring us back to Yahveh.

Creational Statutes or Laws vs Moses Law.  Some of the statutes given to Moshe are Creational Laws and so are unchangeable.  Creational Laws = connected with order of creation, given in Genesis.

Creational Statutes

  • Moadim or Testimonials = YAH’s Feasts
  • Dietary Laws
  • Blood Laws
  • First Fruits Laws
  • Tithing Laws
  • No Mixture
  • Laws of Sowing and Reaping

Shabbat is a Creational Law as well as a Commandment written by the Finger of YAH Himself.  Cannot be changed nor tampered with.  Breaking the 10C brings generational curses.

Torah – The Laws or Precepts

Many in number, have eternal value but they are often temporary.  They are “wisdom of YAH applied to a certain situation”.  Many people fall into “legalism” when they take one of these precepts that were given to help in a particular situation and apply it to a non-related one.  Laws applicable in one house but not in another.

Eg:  Deuteronomy 23:12-14  The principle of this law is eternal:  YAH is HOLY.  He wants us to keep cleanliness, hygiene, decency and purity within our living quarters.  The instructions here were for that time they had no toilets.  We can take the precepts and learn a lot about YAH’s ways and how He expects us to keep our dwelling places in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

Our duty is to meditate on laws and precepts and allow Ruach HaKodesh to interpret and write the eternal principles in our hearts.  (Joshua 1:8).

Practical Applications

1.  The Ten Commandments

Faith without actions is dead.  Y’shua paid the price for all our sins.  That does not mean we should continue to live in sin and disobedience.  Ask the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin, lead us to repentance and forsaking of sins of breaking YAH’s Commandments, and write the YAH’s righteous Laws in our hearts.

2.  Walking in YAH’s Holy Feasts

YAH’s Holy Feasts are His Moadim, testimonials, Holy Convocations and His appointed times.  There are seven (7) of them, concerning which YAH gave specific instructions.

  1. Spring Feasts – Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits and Shavuot.
  2. Fall Feasts – Trumpets (Terua or Rosh Hashanah), Atonement (Yom Kippur) and Sukkoth (Booths or Tabernacles).

Order of these feasts reveal the finished work of Yeshua HaMasiach at the cross, from salvation to redemption.  They work of salvation is revealed in the Spring Feasts.  The work of redemption is revealed in the Fall Feasts.  That is, repentance, freedom and restoration.

Sukkoth or the Feast of the Tabernacles is a Latter Rain Feast – feast of the last gathering of the Harvest.  All nations will celebrate this (mandatory) in Jerusalem.  If not, no rain, no blessing.

The New Moon (Rosh Chodesh) is a First Fruits Shabbat unto YAH.  It is the first day of the Hebrew month and like all “first” things, they belong to YAH.

Being grafted in means we observe and celebrate these Holy Feasts and New Moon as instructed by YAH.  Read and meditate upon the Law and ask Ruach HaKodesh to interpret and teach us what to practically do. Very True, as Grafted in Believers, we must keep the Feasts at all costs.

3.  Holy Diet

Creational statutes concerning holy diet relates to (1) clean and unclean animal (Leviticus 11); and (2) not to eat blood.  Two things together sanctify our food – the Word of YAH and Prayer (1 Timothy 4:4-5).  Prayer alone does not sanctify our food.  The Word is needed.  So, if the Word declares a food unclean, no amount of prayer will sanctify the food.  YAH is a God of order and holiness.

4.  Holy Finances

The Laws for First Fruits and Tithing are also Creational Laws.  Ten percent of our income (before taxes and other expenses) belong to YAH.  They are meant to support the Levites or the Minister of YAH who Minister the Word to us.  The First Fruits is the first of everything.  They are also meant for the Ministers of the Word.  YAH expects us to render to Him what belongs to Him.  When we don’t tithe nor pay YAH His dues, we are actually robbing Him.  It is an act of honor.

5.  No Mixture

YAH is a Holy God.  Does not tolerate mixture of what is holy and what is profane.  Practical applications as stated in Leviticus 19:19.  II Corinthians 6:14-17 reveals the heart of Paul for holiness and his love of the Torah.  Our lives must show the separation between holy and profane.

6.  Sowing and Reaping

The Law of Sowing and Reaping is the most important and revealing Creational Law as everything in life is directed by this law.  YAH confirmed this to Noah after the flood (Genesis 8:22).  There has been so much false teaching and hatred and sown under the Replacement Theology.  We must now sow the Word (Isaiah 55:10-11).  We must keep on going, and one day the harvest of righteousness shall be plentiful.


I have learnt so much in this Book:  Grafted In.  It has been an eye-opener as I realize I’ve never kept YAH’s commandments.  Some of those areas includes:

  • Not keeping YAH’s Holy Feasts
  • No following YAH’s instructions in my Tithes and First Fruits
  • Not obeying the Torah
  • Not allowing the Holy Spirit to write the Torah in the tablets of my heart
  • Sowing bad seeds.

I’m grateful for Dr Dominiquae Bierman for this very important book Grafted In with its Practical Life Applications Manual.

There a so many wonderful Laws of YAH I have not really known before as I only read the New Testament.  I now realize that being Grafted In means my lifestyle changes to reflect that of Hebrew Biblical Lifestyle. May the Ruach HaKodesh write YAH’s righteous laws in my heart and help me to walk in them.


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