GRM Bible School Program Done

I want to share how the GRM Bible School journey transformed my life, elevating me to higher leadership responsibilities. It involved discovering sacred ancient pathways, unlearning old beliefs, and reconnecting with The Roots. The school opened doors to a profound transformation.

I started the GRM Bible School in March 2019 after attending the Purim Conference hosted by Teshuvah PNG. Thanks to Ruach’s guidance, I am grateful for taking this journey and studying Yahveh Elohim God’s Laws, principles, and precepts intensely. It has been a remarkable transformative shift in mindset and approach to life.

Since starting the GRM Bible School journey in 2019, my spiritual life has been transformed. I discovered hidden keys to greatness and broke free from institutional deceptions and curses that held me back. In just 40 months, I went from a humble village woman in rural PNG to being elected as a Member of Parliament, and holding positions as Vice Minister, and State Minister. My involvement played a crucial role in reconnecting PNG to its Christian Roots and advocating for national unity. In September 2023, I had the honor of accompanying our Prime Minister to inaugurate PNG’s embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.

I am very grateful that I finally completed my studies at the GRM Bible School. The school has 3 levels:

Level 1: Foundations of Faith Revealed
Level 2: Discovering the Hebrew Scriptures
Level 3: Hebrew Scriptures Restored

The GRM Bible School offers a unique learning experience with its in-depth teachings from a Hebrew perspective. Dr. Dominiquae Bierman delivers these teachings through concise 25-minute videos and an interactive online platform. The messages, revelations, and anointed Holy Spirit-led teachings provided by the school are unlike anything I have encountered before.

Marking a Milestone

On January 23, 2024, I successfully completed and submitted my final term paper for Level 3 at the GRM Bible School. This achievement holds significant importance and serves as a moment of deep reflection. It marks the conclusion of a previous chapter in my life and signifies the commencement of a new one, where I am equipped with profound knowledge, understanding, and wisdom derived from the Hebrew Holy Scriptures.

GRM Bible School has 3 levels and 81 lessons. The topics you’ll study in each level are as follows:

Level 1: Foundations of Faith Revealed

[8 Units, 33 Lessons]
Unit 1: Israel Rediscovered
Unit 2: Reconnecting with Israel
Unit 3: Key of Abraham Israel Our Mother
Unit 4: Revival of Reconciliation
Unit 5: Key of Abraham Revealed
Unit 6: Replacement Theology Revealed
Unit 7: The Fear of the LORD
Unit 8: The Eternal Gospel
Level 2: Rediscovering The Hebrew Scriptures

[4 Units, 22 Lessons]
Unit 9: Rediscovering Genesis
Unit 10: The Revival Cry of Josiah
Unit 11: Son of Man Revealed
Unit 12: Radical Lifestyle
Level 3: Hebrew Scriptures Restored

[7 Units, 26 Lessons]
Unit 13: The Enemies of God
Unit 14: The Ark of the Covenant
Unit 15: Glimpses of Glory
Unit 16: Treasures of the Ark
Unit 17: The Royal Commandments
Unit 18: Tabernacle of David Revealed
Unit 19: Women in Ministry
Table 1: Course content of GRM Bible School

In addition, you will be required to read the following books by Archbishop Dr Dominiquae Bierman and write book reviews:

Level 1: Foundations of Faith Revealed1. The Healing Power of the Roots
2. Grafted in
3. Sheep Nations
4. Vision Negev
Level 2: Rediscovering The Hebrew Scriptures1. Yeshua is the Name
2. Stormy Weather
3. Eradicating the Cancer of Religion
4. Restoration of Holy Giving
Level 3: Hebrew Scriptures Restored1. The Key of Abraham
2. MAP Revolution
3. The Bible Cure for Africa
4. The Woman Factor
Table 2: List of books by Dr Bierman required to be read and reviews done as a requirement in GRM Bible School

This journey is not just about certificates or degrees; it’s about personal transformation. I have grown in knowledge, wisdom, and faith through each course, assignment, and scripture studied. Now, I am prepared for a greater purpose.

I’ve also revisited this blog, to update and share the profound insights, revelation, knowledge and practical tips I’ve learned to live a purposeful and empowered life.

Looking Forward to Graduation: A Future Filled with Possibilities

Graduation isn’t just a ceremony; it’s a launchpad into greater calling. After pouring time and dedication into my GRM Bible School studies, the anticipation for donning that cap and gown is brimming. I pray for Israel and hope the war ends sooner so I can travel there.

I am optimistic about 2024 and beyond. I feel equipped and enthusiastic to make an impact in leadership, in my District, community and spread the knowledge, insights and values instilled by GRM Bible School. It is not an education, not another Bible school. It is the gold nuggets that we need today to transform the world.

I have written more on the profound insights in my About Me page.

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