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Imagination and the Coronavirus Plague Invisible Terror

How corona virus looks like

Do you sometimes think you're weird?
I do.

When MH370 disappeared, I was "hooked" on the stories.
Everyday I searched the internet and read every piece of story, conspiracy theories, suspicions, and anything I could find.
I prayed for the victims. Asked God to tell me tell me what happened.
And had my own imaginations about what happened.

Similarly, I've been hooked on the Covid-19 stories.
For all the different theories and versions of the stories
I imagine the suffering people and say a prayer for their souls
And some worst scenario or good outcomes
Still praying for the people suffering
Curious, seeking YAH what this world is coming to
I don't watch television nor movies
But I read, imagine and feel what they feel

For Covid-19, it's happening because it must happen
Man is suppose to work only 6 days and rest on the 7th
Every 7th year, an entire economy must stop work
And the earth be given 12 months rest for the earth to be renewed.
Every debt must be forgiven
All accumulated wealth distributed to the poor
So every man,nation and economy can start afresh
So there won't be so many poor people on earth
That is YAH's Commandment

Imagine if every human being and every nation and economy practice the principles of Shmita.
Our environment - sea,waterways, air and land -shall be free of pollution
Creation that has been groaning
Shall renew and replenish to support human habitation
Imagine if we follow YAH's dietary commandments
And don't destroy our bodies with unclean animals
Our immune system shall be strong
And we can defeat any viruses.

Take break from television sometimes and Read
Every time you read
You are exercising your imagination muscle
When you watch television, information is coming through your ears
When you read,you imagination gets to work, imagining the circumstances.
When you watch TV, you weaken your imagination muscle
For young people, your capacity to imagine is diminished and weakened

Elohim God our Source is a creative God
He made us to be creative and that starts with our imagination
Our imagination is imbedded deep within our soul
We have the ability to imagine things that don't exist
To conceive things that don't exist
And to imagine problems and solutions to those problems
Solutions that don't exist yet

It's Ok to imagine the worst case scenario for Covid-19
That will terrify us to humble ourselves, repent, pray and seek the Face of YAH
Then He will hear from heaven, forgive us and heal our land
So the pestilence of Covid-19 shall Passover us.

It's Ok to imagine the worst so we have some cleanliness and godliness in this land
Our streets are so filthy with filthy spirits of betelnut
Pigs roam freely carrying thousands of bacteria
And people forget to take care of their pets
And the poor souls roam the streets
Let's practice basic hygiene
Let's eat clean and healthy and boost our immune system
Remember no amount of cooking or praying over pork will remove the germs
Get sufficient rest (8 hours) every night

My prayer tonight is for scientists worldover
To imagine more problems associated with Covid-19
And imagine the solutions
And create a vaccine that can cure the disease.

If you've come this far reading this,
You're not weird
Your powerful asset - imagination - is at work.

Free photo by Burst from Pexels

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