Foundations of Faith Revealed

The GRM Israeli Bible School is divided into three (3) levels.  Everything taught captures the heart of Yahveh Elohim God for the Global Revival - Messianic Apostolic Prophetic move of the Third Day (third millenium where we are in now), restoring the Jewish Foundations of Faith.

  • Level 1:  Foundations of Faith Revealed
  • Level 2:  Discovering the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Level 3:  Hebrew Scriptures Restored

Here, I have published summaries of some of the things I have learnt in Level 1:  Foundations of Faith Revealed - after my assignments and lessons have been marked and graded by the instructors assigned by GRM.

The practical applications I write about comes from my own experiences, having come from a religious Lutheran Christian background and my journey in life.  I hope and pray that sharing my story can be of inspiration to you.